August 01, 2023 2 min read

Revealing Roast Degree: Light, Medium, Dark

Many have asked: "What roast is this?" Today, we reveal the truth. Ok, so the answer has never been a secret. At Second State Coffee, we believe in classifying our coffees differently. Rather than using traditional labels of light, medium, or dark roast, we prefer to focus on the inherent characteristics of each bean.

First, we recognize that taste preferences can vary widely among coffee lovers. What one person considers a dark roast might be perceived as a medium roast by another. While we tend to roast toward the light and medium spectrum of development, we know we have something that pleases almost every palate.

Coffee flavor is influenced by more than just the roast level itself; and the variables that influence what we perceive are vast. We might consider the varietal of plant grown, the origin, the quality of the harvest, the processing methods used, the type of water or grinder we use, and how it is brewed. Advances and experimentation at origin and in post-harvest processing have changed what we know about our beloved caffeinated beverage. These days, coffee can really surprise you. To appreciate the complexity and nuances of each offering, you'll find details like these under every coffee page:

specialty coffee descriptor; taste profile
The overall experience of the coffee 

specialty coffee info card
The story behind the coffee

process style specialty coffee
How much is it like what you've tasted before

Generally speaking, the coffees on our shelves are arranged from chocolatey, nutty to nutty, citrusy; citrusy, floral to floral, fruity and to fruity, tropical, funky! From the most traditional flavors to the most uncommon.

Instead of relying on broad categorizations and the biases often associated with certain coffees, we have been able to encourage coffee drinkers to explore a range of origins and styles. We have had light roasts delight even the darkest of preferences, tea-like Ethiopians that won over non-coffee drinkers, processing styles that have folks convinced they're drinking wine, and fuller-bodied blends so smooth that even the self-proclaimed single-origin snobs can get behind. 

We have two goals: to represent each producer well and for you to enjoy your purchase. We hope to achieve that by providing these approachable and meaningful details! By moving away from those generic labels, we aim to encourage a more personalized and immersive experience whether you're in the shop or online. Each of our team members is trained to guide you through our inventory and help you choose a bean based on a combination of brewing methodology, favorite flavors, and preferences for acidity and body. Not to mention, we have a lot of fun finding you your perfect match. 

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