We always accept resumes - if you are interested in being considered for a role, email with an updated resume, brief message about yourself, your preferred store location(s), availability, and desire for part-time or full-time. As a general practice, we seek out long-term team members who will be with us a minimum of 3 months and minimum of 15 hours per week.

We have 4 locations that frequently rotate the coffees featured as espresso, drip, and pour over. Each store's offering will vary based on weekly availability and the personality of that location.

Each location offers free wifi. Please note that most of our locations are small - tables and outlets are extremely limited.

All 4 locations serve house made pastries with rotating seasonal selections.

Our Shelmore location offers a full service breakfast and lunch menu. Open to 2:30pm daily.

Our West Ashley location has an offering of toasts and gluten-free waffles. Open to 2:00 pm M-Sat

While we love our furry friends, we can no longer accommodate pets inside. You may sit outside on our patios with your pet as long as they are leashed and not disturbing other guests.

Service animals are allowed if marked appropriately.


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If you cannot access your account or need further assistance - please contact

No problem! Please contact orders@secondstatecoffee.comwith your details and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please note: our orders team is not available Saturdays or Sundays.

Orders are received and processed Monday through Thursday and shipped next day. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday typically go out Monday. Some products or large orders may take additional preparation time.

Final delivery date is always contingent upon shipping courier operations.

Feel free to email us at to check on your purchase.


Coffee freshness, aromatic intensity, and flavor perception relies on many factors from seed to cup, much more than roast date alone. Storage, grinding, water quality, and brewing technique will play huge roles in quality.

We roast small batches of coffee daily, to order for shipping, and we deliver fresh each week to our stores - you are guaranteed to have fresh coffee when you purchase!

While we would love to hand stamp/sticker/notate our bags at some point, our small team of two does not have the capacity to consistently add this step at this time.

We love a vacuum sealed container or an air-tight container - stored away from moisture and sun-light. Coffee is porous - for optimal flavor, open or non-vacuum sealed containers should not be put in the refrigerator or freezer.

Since coffee is a fruit that is cultivated at different times throughout the year in different countries, we feature a rotating selection from all over the world!

We partner with trusted green coffee importers and exporters with long-standing, sustainable relationships with producers and farms.

All of our coffees are traceable, most are single-origin, many are single farm, and some are exclusive micro lots from incredible producers. We are proud to represent and roast each of their coffees!

We roast each bean to bring out its best qualities, so this will be coffee dependent. To highlight as much origin and terroir as possible, the majority of our coffees are roast on the light to medium spectrum.

Our boldest, "darkest" roast is our Heavy Weight Blend

This scale refers to the expected flavors in coffee and is noted for each of our bags. If the scale is marked more towards Traditional, you can expect typical coffee flavors (nutty, chocolatey) and a balanced acidity. With coffees marked more towards Experimental, you can expect flavors like citrus, floral, fruit, etc. The most experimental coffees will often portray themselves as juicy, boldly fruity, wine-like, funky, and adventurous.

We usually do not aim to purchase specifically Fair Trade/Organic/etc. Fair Trade guarantees producers $1.80 per pound of coffee. We pay well over this per pound for our coffees, even up to 10x-15x more per pound for our microlots.

Although many coffee producers engage in sustainable agricultural practices, many do not have the funding, infrastructure, or desire to receive annual certifications, narrowing their market and, sometimes, their profits.

We focus on building relationships with trusted green buyers and sourcing quality coffees from an array of talented producers and coffee estates.

Our coffees are roasted in small batches to order and shipped Monday through Friday. We do not operate on Saturday or Sunday.

Our cafes receive new bagged whole bean coffee every Wednesday/Thursday.

Our roastery/warehouse is not open to the public at this time.

We feature quarterly public classes on our EventBrite and a free coffee tasting every 2nd of the month at 2pm. All classes and trainings are held at our West Ashley location.

Private, curated classes are available for groups! We offer Intro to Coffee, Sensory Training, Barista Fundamentals, Intro to Brewing, Latte Art, Bar Skills Consultations, and more!

Email to book a private class!

Special Requests

We periodically donate products to various causes. Please email with your name, organization, and description of your donation/sponsorship request for review.

We would love to be a part of your community event - wedding, festival, business launch, office gathering, etc. Big or small!

Email with your name, date(s) needed, amount of people being served, and a description of your request.