March 01, 2023 2 min read

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What's Coffee Honey?
We're so glad you asked. You know our beloved coffee beans? Well, they are actually the seeds of cherries that grow on a flowering shrub.

Coffee plants start to flower an average of three to four years after planting, with the flowering phase lasting for approximately two to three months. These flowers play a crucial role in yield as the flowering nodes turn into coffee fruits. And, trust, we want and we need the coffee fruits. During this season when the flowers bloom, they have an incredibly fragrant jasmine-like scent.

Sounds amazing, right? Bees think so. Just like you love your morning boost at your local specialty coffee shop, bees also enjoy the caffeinated nectarthat these flowers produce. Apparently bees will choose caffeinated nectar over lame, non-caffeinated nectar when given the choice. We don't blame them. We will now take this moment to refrain from making any bad puns about getting a "buzz" on.


You can imagine what comes next >> a deliciously complex and aromatic honey! A caffeinated AND delicious honey? OK, YES, take our money.

So, you know we had to get some...

Introducing Coffee Blossom Honey from producer Francisco Cardona at La Colmenita


Finca La Colmenita lies at 1800 - 2000 MASL. Each year coffees from La Colmenita are well-sought after:  Deeply fruited like strawberries and tropical punch, complex and sweet, grounded in chocolate and spice.  Their Coffee Blossom Honey is no less special, with a rich and silky texture, bright florals, tropical fruits and citrus.

So, if you're asking yourself if you should put it on everything... the answer is yes. Yes, you should.

But if you need us to narrow it down still, here are our top 10 coffee blossom honey BFFs:

1. In coffee, naturally. A teaspoon of this stuff in your morning brew is a solid win. In your latte? Magical.

2. On toast. We like a good mascarpone or whipped feta with a drizzle of this goodness.

3. On salty, salty popcorn for movie night. Call Michelin, we'll take our star for this one. ;)

4. With yogurt + granola. Extra crunchy, please. Classic, but elevated.

5. We can't forget tea. We like an earl grey or a peppermint tisane with this honey but, honestly, there isn't a wrong choice here.

6. have you put honey on ice cream yet? no? Well, you should. Like a tangy sorbet.. that's the move

7. With cocktails. Everyone is a home bartender now, right? Skip simple syrup and mix it up, people!

8. Melted brie + crackers

9. Honey crusted salmon. Or drizzled on brussels! Savory + sweet baby!

10. Hot Honey on pizza. This and a delicate hot sauce. Yes, please.


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