Colombia "Solsticio" Pink Bourbon



This experimental honey processed Colombian specialty coffee is aptly named "Solsticio" - each brew encapsulates the essence of the summer solstice - balance, refreshment, and vibrant energy. Kick off your summer with this harmoniously sweet, fruity, and round coffee! 

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About this lot from Los Patios:

Solsticio is a collection of 100% Pink Bourbon cherries from multiple farms in the Gigante region of Colombia. The pink bourbon varietal underwent a 3 stage fermentation process combining aerobic and anaerobic techniques as well as a unique coffee cherry juice inoculation created by our sourcing partner's research and development team. This is their first engineered fermentation and we are impressed by the fruity, juicy, and clean flavor captured by their process of this incredible varietal.

What is pink bourbon?

No bourbon involved! This is just the name of the coffee cherry varietal grown. It is known for its vibrant juiciness, floral like fruitiness, and natural sweetness. It is believed that the varietal is genetically most closely related to the heirloom varietals found in Ethiopia.

What is honey process?

Coffee seeds must be dried before shipping to us for roasting. "Honey process" indicates that the skin of the coffee cherry was removed but some amount of mucilage (or coffee fruit) was left on the seed during the drying of the coffee. At this coffee exporter's headquarters, this specific coffee underwent additional experimental fermentation techniques to enhance the quality and specific flavors present in the end cup.