Tanzania Peaberry


This Tanzanian specialty coffee is perfect for pour-overs, espresso machines, and drip coffee makers.

A note from our sourcing partner, List + Beisler:

This coffee from the south of Tanzania is a handcrafted coffee where the hard labor is reflected in a fine cup with intense fruity notes - a cup profile Tanzanian Peaberry coffees are famous for. Peaberry refers to pea-shaped beans where only one seed rather than two inside the coffee fruit. In terms of flavors, peaberries are considered special, as the aromas and flavors end up developing in a single bean.

What is washed process?

Coffee has its fruit layer removed. This can be done mechanically (in which case, it’s most common for there to be little if any fermentation though it is possible to ferment both before and after mechanical washing and some producers do this) or via a fermentation to break down the pectin in the mucilage to allow the mucilage to be washed away by running water over the coffee. Every other variable in the equation is up for grabs—including fermentation in cherry and pre-ferments (and depending where you are, traditional practices vary wildly), but no matter what: the mucilage will be removed before drying.