Kalita 185 Brewer

Replicate the cafe experience and your favorite pour overs with the Kalita 185. Excellent coffee starts with excellent equipment. Kick off your brewing experience the right way with this approachable, easy to use, easy to clean 2-cup brewer. The 185 is suitable for making coffee solo or with a friend.


Most brewers are capable of a quality extraction given the right technique and knowledge, but few pour over drippers make it as easy as the Kalita Wave. Its flat-bottom build gives you a consistent brew bed that keeps water moving through your grounds evenly, the three outlet holes at the bottom are connected by a raised ridge to keep your filter from getting stuck to the brewer and restricting your flow, and the proprietary Wave filters keep most of the water and coffee away from the sides of the brewer to increase temperature stability. All of these seemingly small choices come together to make the Kalita Wave a pour over dripper perfect for new brewers and professionals looking for consistently delicious coffee alike.