Heavyweight — Blend

Heavyweight has been a mainstay on our menu from day one of roasting. Whether it is a drip coffee at one of the many restaurants or hotels around Charleston or a cold brew from the tap on Beaufain Street, chances are, if you've had Second State Coffee, you've had Heavyweight. While the components have changed over the years, the roast profile and resulting tasting notes remain the same. 

Overall Impression: very traditional, approachable, med-full body, low acid, fudgey
Country of Origin: Colombia (Huila) + Brazil (Minas Gerais)
Process: Washed (Colombia) + Natural (Brazil)

We look forward to pairing this classic washed Colombian profile with our Brazilian natural to complete our Heavyweight Blend. We hope you find this coffee to be approachable, consistent, and full of sweetness no matter how you brew and consume it!

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