Guatemala Iglesias


This coffee comes from a 50 year partnership between our local importer and a Guatemalan exporter. "Iglesias" derives its name from the church laden city of Antigua. In this region you'll find rich volcanic soil, low humidity, sunny days, and cool evenings that lend to complex coffees. For reference, SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) is a Central American designation for both quality and an elevation threshold.

Overall Impression: traditional, caramelized sweetness, very nutty, juicy acids
Country of Origin:Guatemala
Elevation: 4700 -4900 FT
Producer: Plantation Santo Tomas & El Vallecito
Importer: Balzac Brothers

Process: Fully Washed, Sundried on patios
Varietal: 60% Bourbon, 40% Caturra/Catuai
Grading System: Guatemalan SHB; sorted by size, density, color