Colombia Geisha - Sebastian Ramirez


Overall Impression: floral aromatics, delicate, tea-like, tropical acidity

Country Origin:Colombia
Region: Quindío
Elevation:1744 MASL (~5700 ft)
Producer:Sebastián Ramírez @ Fincas El Placer
Importer: Unblended
White Honey Carbonic Maceration
Variety: Geisha - a harder-to-produce, more scarce, and prized coffee plant

What does White Honey Carbonic Maceration mean?

White Honey describes a percentage of coffee fruit contact with the coffee seeds during the drying and processing of the coffee cherries. Carbonic Maceration refers to an additional processing step in which coffees are fermented in airtight, carbon-dioxide-rich environments, allowing the cherries to break down different levels of pectin and produce bright and vibrant flavors, intensifying inherent characteristics.

More about this coffee

From Unblended: "The Geisha Lavado White Honey CM coffee beans are processed with great care and attention to detail. The cherries are collected and sorted to ensure that 95% of them are ripe and 5% are semi-ripe. The beans then undergo anaerobic fermentation in 200-liter tanks at a constant temperature of 18°C, with CO2 injection and submersion in water with an oxygen pump for 48 hours. After fermentation, the beans undergo a two-phase drying process, which is carefully controlled and slowed down using shade netting. Finally, the beans are packaged in Grain-Pro bags and stabilized for 15 days. This meticulous process results in high-quality coffee that is
sure to delight coffee lovers."

About the producer:

"Sebastian Ramirez (35) is a fourth-generation coffee farmer with over 12 years of experience. He has a presence in multiple countries across Asia and Europe and is the owner of Fincas El Placer. Sebastian has joined our mission of making coffee farming exciting as a mentor for the Young Producer Program. Starting as a traditional grower, he ventured into fermentation and made connections. Nowadays, he is a master in Carbonic Maceration, Coffee Profiles, and Varietals. We are thrilled to represent him, and we can confidently state that his coffees are anything but ordinary." - Unblended