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Kenya Nyeri Hill


This Kenyan specialty coffee is perfect for pour overs or drip coffee makers.

In the washed process, coffee has its fruit layer removed. This can be done mechanically (in which case, it’s most common for there to be little if any fermentation though it is possible to ferment both before and after mechanical washing and some producers do this) or via a fermentation to break down the pectin in the mucilage to allow the mucilage to be washed away by running water over the coffee. Typically fully washed will refer to a fermentation methodology. Every other variable in the equation is up for grabs—including fermentation in cherry and pre-ferments (and depending where you are, traditional practices vary wildly), but no matter what: the mucilage will be removed before drying.

This producing farm is also one of the first coffee farms established in eastern Africa. Nyeri Hill Estate planted its first coffee seedling in 1914. Today, 300 total employees harvest three main varietals: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11. What's special about these varietals? Each have a high potential for producing excellence quality cups of coffee. 

What we love about this coffee estate? Nyeri Hill strikes a key balance between producing high-quality coffees and providing high quality of life for their employees and partners! Management focuses on cultivating coffees that shine while prioritizing the community's long-term sustainability, both from environmental and social perspectives. The organization allocates part of its profits toa academic development (with Nyeri High School), professional growth (with Kamwenja Teachers College) and community healthcare (with Mathari Mission Hospital). 

What does the AA mean? Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AA beans are the largest size. In Kenya's own coffee grading system, the AA bean is considered the highest quality grade.

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