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Ethiopian Sakaro


Fruity, Juicy, Refreshing - this Sakaro is sure to please. Although this coffee is on the lighter and fruitier side, we have found that the coffee's natural sweetness and smooth body have made this offering a crowd pleaser for even the darkest cup preferences.

During processing, some coffees are stored in open air basins or cement tanks while the naturally occurring yeasts feed on the sugars of the fruit, creating byproducts of lactic and acetic acids, and raising the level of perceivable fruitiness. While the biological happenings of fermentation are anaerobic in themselves and this process occurs within the present yeast cells, the term 'anaerobic' (anaerobic natural wine process) is describing the restriction of oxygen in the surrounding environment. Coffee cherries are left fully intact during the fermentation before being washed clean and hulled before grading and export. This style of preparation tends to yield concentrated fruit flavors and funkier aromatics with juicy acidity and silkier mouthfeel.

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