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State of the State - September 2018

It's that time of year. Summer, for all intents and purposes, is over. We dodged the first big Atlantic hurricane, with Charleston breathing a giant, collective sigh of relief. The whites are away, and it's time for Autumn. 

In the coffee world, we can turn the blinders to these less than settling state of affairs and get excited, because Ethiopian coffees have finally arrived, and for us, that means it's the most wonderful time of year.  

Because we dodged a bullet in the hurricane and because we are excited for you all to get your hands on some our current coffee offerings - head over to our site after reading this email and use coupon code FLO at checkout to get 10% off any purchase!


Weigh them beans! If you sometimes get really good coffee results at home and then other days, you don't quite hit the mark, it's time to get consistent. One of the best ways to do that is to weigh your coffee with a little kitchen scale, which can be had for less than $10 in many cases. Different coffees have different densities, so "scooping" your coffee can lead to wildly varying results. 


Honey Bones (Album) by Dope Lemon

Angus Stone's new(ish) moniker, Dope Lemon is perfect coffee shop listening. Call it slacker rock, electro-folk, or just don't put it in a box. Our DJing philosophy when behind the bar is to turn on tunes that encourage a conversation, aren't Top 100, yet aren't too fringe. Dope Lemon, fits the bill, for now at least. Listen Here


Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan

We all knew Dylan was a legendary song writer, but after reading his first memoir, we can conclude that he's a prolific writer. Period. It's evident the Dylan has an encyclopedic memory for people he has encountered in his life, and much of his early success can seemingly be attributed to the fact that he very intentionally studied the greats and networked the New York music scene in the 60s. Read or Listen Here


Hambela Washed Process

As we said, with Ethiopian coffees fresh off the boat, we couldn't be more excited. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and has the best genetic diversity of any growing region in the world, which is why we probably find these coffees so interesting. Hambela can be found in the state of Guji, which is in the heart of the country's coffee growing region. Packed with many layers of tropical fruit acidity and backed up by an incredible toffee-like sweetness, this is the coffee you break out to impress someone. Shop Here

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