State of the State Introduction - August 2018

Yup! We did it. We are taking the plunge and are taking our talents to your inbox with "State of the State." 

State of the State is a monthly newsletter curated by the brass at Second State. We are assuming you're a coffee nut and all around cool person, and you'll appreciate the things we think are exciting, not just in the world of coffee, but also in music, science, and business. As current and former baristas, we're used to not just making and serving coffee, but also acting as weathermen, music critics, IT specialists, therapists, financial advisors, etc. This is our attempt to bring that experience to your inbox. We hope you enjoy!

Coffee Tip of the Month
For our inaugural coffee tip of the month, we'll keep things basic. This month's tip has to do with storing coffee. Our customers are always worried about buying nice coffee and then ruining it through improper storage. Here's our simple tip: Store coffee like you would store tomatoes: out on the counter in a non-humid environment. All of our bags zip back shut once opened, but if you've broken that seal, you can throw your bag in Tupperware to prevent premature staling. No freezing or refrigerating necessary!

What We're Listening To
Radiolab (Podcast)
This show focuses on scientific and philosophical topics such as morality and time in a light-hearted and approachable manner. 
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What We're Reading
The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
This book explores the fascinating science of epigenetics: how our environment, more specifically our perception of the environment, influences the expression of genes. Lipton has worked for decades as a medical school professor and a laboratory cellular biologist. This book focuses on human health and biology, but we think the science of epigenetics also provides an interesting new lens through which to view subjects like terroir in the world of wine, coffee, and agricultural as a whole.  
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What We're Drinking
Ixlama from Huehuetenango, Guatemala has been on fire this past month. We are always excited when fresh new coffees come in, but Ixlama has really surpassed expectations. It's everything we would want in a daily drinker: deep notes of cocoa overlaid with a faint blackberry-like acidity. 
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For the more adventurous drinkers out there, we've really been digging on the Tirra Natural from Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Naturally processed coffees can be a "cheap trick" many roasters use to provide something different on their menu, so we don't take it lightly when we buy one. We guarantee the Tirra Natural will be completely different than any coffee you've ever tried, while also being sessionable for the daily drinker. It punches in with distinct pineapple acidity and a bubble gum sweetness. If you're willing to trust us, we promise you won't be disappointed!
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